Monday, November 30, 2015

I'm sorry my letter is late this morning, but I had assorted desk obligations to sort through, finish, return, expatiate on, and/or gnash my teeth over. Then I took a shower and ran and listened to a history podcast about the weird happenings in Munster in the 1530s, a tale I'd somehow never encountered before and one that is even more skin-crawly than the Salem witch trials. Picture polygamy, theological tyranny, crazed followers, handsome weirdo leader, guts, torture, starvation, doom--only it all takes place in pre-Renaissance Germany, not in Waco, Texas. Also it involves genitals nailed to the city gates.

You'll understand when I say I'm having some difficulty retrofitting my attention to the staid task of editing an academic tome.


Carlene said...

...what is this tale you allude to? I just finished a collection of Norse mythology, and The Binding of Loki is haunting me. To be bound by the entrails of one's own son is horrid...and he deserved it...but still. ugh.

Tis the season to read gruesome stuff?

Today is a day I wish you lived a whole dang lot closer. I feel the need for tea and company. And chat about literature.

Dawn Potter said...

Check out the Munster Rebellion, if you want some nightmares:

I wish you lived closer too. I could have done with some tea and company and chat about literature. XX