Friday, October 23, 2015

Because Doughty Hill is performing tomorrow night at the Wayside Grange in Dexter [7 p.m.: you come too], I will miss watching my son play what might be the final soccer game of his career [mid-afternoon and far, far away]. Ah, well.

But I have my bow back! And I don't have a head cold! And we'll have a sound guy! And believe it or not, our cover of "Black Water" is really fun! And these exclamation marks prove that everything I say is true!

In other news, I've just gotten invited to appear on Between the Lines, a television interview show focusing on New England writers and publishers. I've never been on TV before, and already I am worrying more about my hair than about what dumb things I might accidentally say in front of a camera. What is wrong with me?

Anyway, about that Doughty Hill show. You should come! I promise to forget about my hair.


Ruth said...

I do wish your gig was closer!
You ALWAYS looks great.

Carlene said...

Television!! woo!
And I'm sorry you don't have Hermione's time-turner...