Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My friend Donna was quite taken with the turnip photograph I posted a few days ago and has requested "more photos of cute vegetables, please." So, Donna, here you go:

First, let me present Cute Green Garlic, first of the season, scrubbed, juicy, and vampire-repelling.

Next, I'll vary the offerings by introducing the first Cute Fruit of the season, a fat raspberry, along with Tom's good idea for dessert: drop a handful of raspberries into a tall grass, add a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream, cover with expensive spicy ginger ale. Consume while sitting on the couch and watching Being John Malkovitch.

Finally, I'll leave you with three Cute Peas and a Cute Peapod, glistening with rain.


Tu Fu readers: Carlene has left a comment on yesterday's reading prompt. I'll wait a few days for the rest of you to add your thoughts before I mention mine.


P.S. Another recipe: If, for instance, you've been married for 24 years, and it's a hot day (though not as hot as it was on the day you got married, which was the hottest day on record in Rhode Island, a day so hot that you considered throwing away your wedding dress after you took it off), and your husband has been working outside repairing someone's rotted trim all day and you want to cheer him up, you might consider making him a cold shrimp and seaweed salad, with cherry tomatoes and sesame oil and cilantro, and serving it to him on the porch along with a sweating can of Rolling Rock. In my experience, this makes him very happy.

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