Sunday, April 12, 2015

Well, it seems that the famous poet who showed me photos of her cats has also given me her cold. Ah, well.

I've had insomnia for the entire course of my visit to Minneapolis. I do have some hope of sleeping tonight, though I won't be sleeping any time soon because my flight doesn't get into Bangor until midnight and then I have to drive another hour to get home.

Good things that happened in Minneapolis: I met several people who are exciting possibilities for future Frost Place faculty poets. I spent a fair amount of time with staff members of the Academy of American Poets, cogitating about ways to link our education missions. I hung out for days with three new friends: CavanKerry poets Loren Graham and Brent Newsom and the press's managing editor, Starr Troup. Together, we sold almost every book on the press table.

Best thing that happened in Minneapolis: I had dinner with a man I had not seen since we were 21 years old. It was a miracle, and now we can be friends forever.

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