Thursday, April 9, 2015

Notes from AWP

1. Young literary women pack many changes of clothes.

2. People who promote their self-published books by aggressively pressing them on publishers of entirely different kinds of books seem confused about their audience.

3. Waxed handlebar mustaches look even worse up close.

4. The woman in the bathroom stall next to me was the one who accidentally tore the giant toilet paper holder off the wall and flung it pell-mell under the partition and then had to drag it back to herself by the stream of unrolled toilet paper.

5. The woman in front of me was the one who tipped over the strip of metal walk-this-way guideposts and made the giant clanging noise.

6. If I'm beside you, you might embarrass yourself.


Ruth said...

NO, I would probably have already done this to you!!!

Ang said...

I compulsively want to put an L into the word changing. When peeing at work the Baby Changing Table is on the opposite wall. However, this is secondary to wanting to pull the emergency help string located by the toilet paper dispenser.
All of this is to say that I was fascinated by the bathroom story.