Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Clark complains about the weather

November 22, 1805
[Clark] O! how horriable is the day          waves brakeing with great violence against the Shore throwing the Water into our Camp &c.      all wet and confind to our Shelters.

December 16, 1805
[Clark] The winds violent      Trees falling in every derection, whorl winds, with gusts of rain Hail & Thunder, this kind of weather lasted all day, Certainly one of the worst days that ever was!

Lewis and Clark disagree about food

January 3, 1806
[Lewis] our party from necessaty having been obliged to subsist some lenth of time on dogs have now become extreemly fond of their flesh; it is worthy of remark that while we lived principally on the flesh of this anamal we were much more healthy strong and more fleshey than we had been since we left the Buffaloe country.      for my own part I have become so perfectly reconciled to the dog that I think it an agreeable food and would prefer it vastly to lean Venison or Elk.      a small Crow. the blue crested Corvus and the smaller corvus with a white brest, the little brown ren, a large brown sparrow, the bald Eagle and the beautiful Buzzard of the columbia still continue with us.

[Clark] as for my own part I have not become reconciled to the taste of this animal as yet.


David said...

The days before PETA...

Dawn Potter said...

The dog disagreement is entertaining, but I really love Clark's weather rhapsodizing: "O! how horriable is the day"!

David said...

Yes, so frank and unselfconscious. And the spelling helps, too. :-)