Thursday, October 23, 2014

Yesterday's best Milosz quotation--
Perhaps it was not for nothing, the soldier's blood
Darkening into small stars beneath a birch.

Yesterday's best baseball news--
Ha! Royals won!

Yesterday's sweetest moment--
Cuddling on the couch with a giant almost-17-year-old, and, what's more, the cuddling was his idea, which made the moment even lovelier [although Ruckus did barge in and insist on cuddling as well, so there we were, trapped under the cat, who sociably bit us until he changed his mind and decided that he liked an empty bag better].

Yesterday's best email--
D, I just last night finished Same Old Story. WOW--it's one of the best books of poems I've read in a long while! I adore how it's grounded in myth & fairytale, as even the "non-mythological" poems absorb those flavors and ring with that kind of magic. 
BRAVO, my friend! I'll be recommending this to all who will listen.

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