Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Yesterday I read and sang and baked bread and read and sang and revised poems and sorted poems, and it was all such a relief. Today will be more of the same, and how aware I am of the need behind these desultory acts.

In time of the crises of the spirit, we are aware of all of need, our need for each other and our need for ourselves. We call up our fullness; we turn, and act. We begin to be aware of correspondences, of the acknowledgment in us of necessity, and of the lands. 
--Muriel Rukeyser, The Life of Poetry
And this was the song I was singing over and over . . . and my son, too: he was singing this song, with me and alone. And then he played it for my husband, and the three of us stood in the darkening kitchen and the song sang to us.

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