Sunday, October 26, 2014

Yesterday began at 5 a.m.; took an 8 a.m. break for a victorious playoff soccer game in Waterville; stopped at noon for lunch at a noodle house in Portland; sat in stalled traffic at 2 p.m. behind a drawbridge in Portsmouth, New Hampshire; sped through 3:30 shopping traffic in Lowell, Massachusetts; squinted into the 4:30 sun on the switchbacks in Shutesbury; pulled into an illegal parking space at Hampshire College at 5; kicked rocks on the euphonious stone plaza of the Yiddish Book Center at 6; rumbled over potholes to grandmother's house at 7; ate seafood risotto at the Monkey Bar till 9:30; and fell asleep over a Netflixed episode of Star Trek before 10:30.

Today will entail driving Son #1 to Home Depot to buy supplies for his sculpture project, driving Son #2 to a college tour, and driving back to Maine so that Son #2 can finish the homework he forgot to bring along.

In other words, my life is a Reader's Digest Condensed Books version of "Six Days on the Road."

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Ruth said...

".......And I'm gonna make it home tonight"