Friday, October 3, 2014

Week in Review (1927)

Dawn Potter

BOSTON, MASS., April 9—
Bartolomeo Vanzetti explains to the judge,
“I would not wish
to a dog or to a snake,
to the most low and misfortunate
creature of the earth—
I would not wish to any of them
what I have had to suffer
for things that I am not guilty of.
But my conviction is
that I have suffered
for things that I am guilty of.”

NEW YORK CITY, April 10—
Premiering tonight at Carnegie Hall,
George Antheil’s Ballet Mécanique
features full orchestra and the sounds
of elevated trains, aeroplanes, and canneries.
Thus far the audience is highly displeased.

The funeral of Mrs. Barbara Kulbacki, age 42, of Everson
will be held at St. Joseph’s Church
at 8 o’clock tomorrow morning.
Now, on this rainy evening,
as new grass flourishes among the chinks and crevices of the street
and the Syrian girls clatter pot lids in their next-door kitchen,
her five children still huddle in the cold bedroom above the store.
Eventually someone will remember to feed them.

Well before dawn streaks the eastern sky,
Chiang Kai-shek frowns.
He rubs the top of his head with both hands.
And now he shrugs and tells Du Yuesheng
to go ahead and let his Green Gang
start slaughtering all the Communists
they can find.

[from Chestnut Ridge, a verse-history-in-progress of southwestern Pennsylvania (and, in this case, the world beyond the mountains)]

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