Friday, October 10, 2014

Sometimes I see funny things at a high school soccer game.

And sometimes I see beautiful things (with the funny things tucked into a corner).

Fortunately I did not see any ambulances.


Tomorrow we head west for a weekend in Franconia--my first-ever visit when I have not been working. I don't even know how to get to the park, let alone what I can do there. In theory, I'm planning to climb many heights; but a large family party spanning the ages of 8 to 74 will undoubtedly entail aches, whining, passive-aggressive reluctance, teenagers who won't get out of bed, a sudden and inconvenient need for lunch,  bossy eye rolling, the refusal to wear appropriate clothing, and chaos. I'm sure it will all be noteworthy.

P.S. 17-year-old wins the Nobel Peace Prize! Hurray for young people!


Ruth said...

Have a delightful weekend and enjoy ALL. Did you forget the wine? or the beer?

Carlene said...

...and if you need to escape for coffee, call me! =)