Tuesday, September 23, 2014

You may be surprised to learn that last night I was on the winning team at Trivia Night in a bar in Jersey City. I was not the power hitter on our three-person team. I was more like the guy that management brings in during the playoffs to steal some bases and who then gets traded in the off season. However, I did my best in the clutch and thus was a contributor to victory. My friends Ray and Steve might recognize the first three measures of every Scottish pop song that's hit the charts since 1990, but they are never going to ever be able to answer questions about canning. (Also, I was instrumental in the subtle comma arrangements of our team name: Tony, Orlando, and Dawn.)

This morning I am going for a walk in search of coffee and French pastry, and then I am coming to back to the apartment to work on the uranium book. Later this afternoon, before my reading, Ray and I are going to the Frick Museum. I have only been to Frick's New York house once before, but I have written several poems about him for the western Pennsylvania project, and none of them are very good. I'd like to figure out why. Also I'd like to take another look at Rembrandt's The Polish Rider, a painting that I dearly love.

Maybe I'll see you tonight at the reading?


Ruth said...

The Oxford Comma wins!!

Sheila said...

A poem or poems about The Polish Rider, another work at The Frick, or the entire museum might be a very intesting addition to the Pennsylvania project. You're probably already thinking the same thing.

Dawn Potter said...

Indeed I am. In fact, I already have a poem about the painting, written from Frick's point of view as the collector, but I'm dissatisfied with it and will need to try again.