Sunday, September 14, 2014

John Keats, letter to George and Georgiana Keats, March 12, 1819

I am sitting with my  back to [the fire] with one foot rather askew upon the rug and the other with the heel a little elevated from the carpet—I am writing this on [a copy of] the Maid’s tragedy which I have read since tea with Great pleasure.  Besides this volume of Beaumont & Fletcher—there are on the tab[le] two volumes of chaucer and a new work of Tom Moores called “Tom Cribb’s memorial to Congress”—nothing in it.  These are trifles—but I require nothing so much of you as that you will give me a like description of yourselves, however it may be when you are writing to me—Could I see the same thing done of any great Man long since dead it would be a great delight: as to know in what position Shakespeare sat when he began “To be or not to be”—such thing[s] become interesting from distance of time or place.  I hope you are both now in that sweet sleep which no two beings deserve more tha[n] you do—I must fancy you so—and please myself in the fancy of speaking a prayer and a blessing over you and your lives—God bless you—I whisper good night in your ears and you will dream of me.


Carlene said...

So sweet...thanks for sharing. I love Keats.

Sheila said...

Reminded me of a blog post or Facebook post with its "here's a snapshot of my life this moment" quality ... of an infinitely higher quality than most of course ... not much new under the sun I guess!