Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Such heat here in Harmony, Maine! Last winter, I never thought we'd see summer again, and now we're enveloped in dense humidity, 90-degree temperatures, sweating drink glasses, warm ponds. . . . All my blog posts will be late because early morning is my only chance to work or exercise outside. On Sunday Tom and I got up at dawn and went canoeing on the lake here in town: watched the mists rise from still waters, listened to loons, floated among reeds and water lilies, ate a picnic breakfast on a granite island, capsized the canoe, had a run-in with said granite island (right leg is now quite ugly in a non-medical-emergency sort of way), laughed, drove home, and fell asleep for much of the afternoon. Yesterday morning I reamed out a vetch-infested iris bed; this morning I weeded, transplanted sunflowers, and mowed around the gardens. Tomorrow I turn my attention to the vegetable garden, and Thursday we're off to New York for a bacchanal wedding party. And next week, at long last, my life retreats to the pedestrian.

In the meantime, I am reading Iris Murdoch and Rilke, wearing linen, drinking unsweetened ice tea made with Twinings Lady Grey teabags (a fine and delicate flavor: recommended), eating Indian black-pepper rice (a lovely cold side dish: recommended), watching World Cup soccer (a waste of time but sort of recommended), and arguing with the cat (not recommended).

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