Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Yesterday I received two announcements: A Poet's Sourcebook is a finalist for a 2014 Maine Literary Award, and my chapbook manuscript Vocation is a finalist in Tupelo Press's 2014 Snowbound Series Chapbook Competition. Already, earlier in the week, I'd learned that Same Old Story had received a judges' nomination for the 2014 Los Angeles Times Book Award in Poetry. To say that I am overwhelmed is to sum up the situation mildly. More or less, I feel as if I'm walking into walls. My writing has never gotten so much attention before. And the fact that it's been directed at three different books makes the situation that much more bewildering.

My friend Will tells me I don't take flattery very well. My response was "Hey, I was brought up as a Quaker. What do you expect?" So now I'm going to change the subject and mention that people are continuing to leave comments about the accessibility topic. I'm glad that so many of you were moved to contribute your thoughts, and I continue to be delighted by your openness and curiosity.

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Ang said...

Recognition, not flattery. the 100th monkey swung through the door.