Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Yesterday I managed to get a  4-wheel-drive truck stuck in the 8 inches of mud/slush that is our driveway. My response was to burst into tears and sit there weeping until Tom came outside and rescued me. This is, no doubt, why Gustave LeBon felt justified in saying that women "excel in fickleness, inconstancy, absence of thought and logic, and incapacity to reason" because Tom managed to extricate the truck from the mud hole without much trouble. And I knew, as I sat there wailing, that I could do it too, if only I could stop crying, set my jaw, straighten out the steering wheel, put the transmission in reverse, and gun the engine enough to get the back tires over the slush bank. But I allowed myself to collapse into frustration and dismay, and thus became the woman that smug LeBon knew I was hiding behind my two gorilla heads.

Let's hope that April will be better than March because I don't want to give that man another chance to be smug.


Ruth said...

I suspect Gustave Lebon probably didn't need to concern himself with the mere problem of day-to-day existence during spring in New England.

Carlene said...

I kind of want a coffee mug with a snippet of LeBon's dreck on it, with a picture of a two-headed gorilla on it.

And I just can't get past the irony of his last name.

And I'm awfully glad you got out of the mud, even with male intervention. (They secretly kinda like to have an occasion to help us, y'know...)

Ang said...

A proper breakdown is a standard of this spring from hell. Biggest snowpack at this time of year since the late 50s. Where I wanna know, is it all gonna go???

Anonymous said...

Clear error to think that someone would come to the rescue if you gave up. Men are taught that no one will rescue them and that if they give up and start to cry no one but a mommy would ever understand. As a result, men are shamed into toughness. A woman who acts the same way is a Dyke and no man likes that kind of competition. So cry Dawn and be thankful that "They secretly kinda like to have an occasion to help us, y'know." But there is a danger there too, I suppose.