Friday, March 7, 2014

CavanKerry Press has announced the release of my third poetry collection, Same Old Story. I have to take this on faith because I have not myself received any copies. Nonetheless, they apparently exist, so if you feel like ordering a book, I would be so grateful. And if you're inclined to tell anyone about it, even by way of a tiny Amazon or Goodreads review, that, too, would make me very happy.

Naturally, however, I presume that the book will quietly drop into the sea of publicity, become waterlogged, and then sink to the bottom with the rest of the forgotten wrecks. Not because of you--oh, no: you are my guardian angels. But there's no big picture for me, or for most of us.

My friend Richard, writing to me about Miguel Unamuno, explained the philosopher's concept of intrahistoria--"he thought that history could best be understood by looking at the small histories of anonymous people.”

Greetings, anonymous people. I love you so.

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