Monday, December 9, 2013

I've been struggling with a major preoccupation this fall: anxiety over the fact that Autumn House Press made the sudden decision not to publish The Conversation. That, as you can imagine, was a blow. However, I'm happy--and very relieved--to tell you that Deerbrook Editions has not only committed to publishing the manuscript but plans to expedite the process so that the book will be ready for the 2014 teaching conference. These past few months have featured a Wile E. Kafka-Coyote-ish string of events, though, fortunately, my conclusion was better than his ever is. Last week the publisher began designing the book, so I'm thinking I'm safe now. But good cheer has been difficult, and I haven't wanted to talk to you about the strange vicissitudes of my book and my self-esteem.

So let's stop talking about them now and move on to more interesting fodder, such as whether or not we're getting a snowstorm today. Tom has made the executive decision not to drive 30 miles to climb onto the roof of the cattle barn he's building and instead will stay home and endure the vicissitudes of It seems that we are signature members of the fabled Ten Percent of Users Still Experiencing Problems club.

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