Saturday, October 19, 2013

Things I am grateful for

A young poet who reads one of my poems and suggests a stanza break

A teacher who sends me a student comment about how much copying out poems by hand means to her

Cooking steak and mushrooms with my husband while listening to Stereolab

Sleeping till 7:30 a.m. despite Ruckus's best efforts

Not caring that Ruckus is presently eating a whisk broom

The satisfactions of a Cardinals victory

Streaks of sunlight through the yellow leaves of an apple tree

Apple pie in the refrigerator

Discovering that To Kill a Mockingbird is still a fine book

Two big, funny, smart, affectionate, busy, hungry sons

Still picking tomatoes in mid-October


1 comment:

Christopher said...

I do apologize if my last comment came over as nasty -- it certainly wasn't intended that way.

Most artists are tormented by self-doubt -- the fact is that if human beings aren't dissatisfied they rarely rise up or rage against anything. And Dawn does manage to rise up every day before any of us and to light her whole world on fire -- and in so doing to illuminate our own.

I'm trying to be careful, that's why this may sound a bit precious.

But Dawn's blog is no china closet, which is one reason why I find her writing so exciting, and why I have the courage to reply in the way I do.

Indeed, if you reread what I wrote the day before yesterday you'll see that it was in fact high praise even if not praise for the faint-hearted.

I'm 8500 feet up at -16 and snow with almost no internet connection. Maybe that's what puts frost on my words.