Monday, October 14, 2013

A Brief Historical Tour through the Mind of the Male Writer

He who reads Shakespeare looks round alarmed, and starts to find himself alone.

--Samuel Johnson, Observations on Macbeth

But there are a great many ways of outwitting oblivion, and to ask whether or not homosexuality is natural is really like asking whether or not it was natural for Socrates to swallow hemlock, whether or not it was natural for St. Paul to suffer for the Gospel, whether or not it was natural for the Germans to send upwards of six million people to an extremely twentieth-century death.

--James Baldwin, "The Male Prison"

When I am writing something, I try not to understand it. I do not think intelligence has much to do with the work of the writer.

                            --Jorge Luis Borges, "A Poet's Creed"

There are hundreds of millions of guys who would kill to take Raquel Welch out, and who is the lucky dude? Sonny Bono. Think about it, man.

--Sonny Bono, And the Beat Goes On

Argh, I hate autocorrect! I tried to type in "Shylock became a Christian" and it came out "Shylock became a crustacean"!

--my son, writing his essay about The Merchant of Venice


Carlene said...

autocorrect is anathema...
some years ago, I had a student hand in an essay all about Beowulf and the Geeks.

'nuff said.

Richard said...

Somewhere between the beat of Sonny Bono and the mystery of sons:

"Do you think it's true that the values of affection, of connection, supersede political sensitivity? I worry about this....Last night...I was the only person present to point out that Cummings was a sexist and a racist, that some of his poems are offensive, qualities which one must come to terms with, one way or another."

-Hayden Carruth, Letters to Jane