Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My mom, Janice Miller Potter, has just released her collection Meanwell, a series of 24 poems told from the imagined point of view of Puritan poet Anne Bradstreet's servant. I read it for the first time myself yesterday, and it really is a lovely and tragic tale of the history of women's speech and silence.

In other news, the freezer-delivery men arrive this morning, and Little Dorrit's father has just died in Rome. Also, to add a surreal note to these mundanities, my vet has told me that my poodle is addicted to water. Who knew such a thing could happen to a perfectly nice middle-class dog?


Maureen said...

Congratulations to your mother. I clicked through to take a look. Have to add it to my (once again growing) list.

Dawn Potter said...

Wonderful! Thanks, Maureen.

Ruth said...

Oh I do agree with Maureen. I wanted to keep reading, so must order for myself.