Thursday, July 26, 2012

The new collection will include a fair number of sonnets, including this one.

Cover Song

Dawn Potter

Once I had a boyfriend (you’ll laugh, I know)
Who strolling at midnight through a yellow-brick alley
Grasped both my cold hands and sweetly bellowed
“My Girl” into the small wind that ebbed and sallied
Between our shadows. I’d known him for a week.
He stared into my eyes and slowly decanted Motown
Into the chill particulate air. Ignoring us, a plane idly streaked
Toward Philly, a bus hooted, a few cars sifted by. I looked down
At our four trapped hands: bowled over, yes, though fighting
A queasy embarrassment. But you know, better than most,
What I mean: how unreal it feels to play at romance, gliding
Slickly beyond your homely self like a ballroom ghost,
As if your everyday, tempted, shivering skin
Couldn't perform a truer rendition.

[first published in the Aurorean (2010); forthcoming in Same Old Story (CavanKerry Press, 2014)]


Carlene said...

beautiful work, Dawn... =)
So skillful, the form instructs but does not obstruct. Love it!

And, aside from the whole image and emotion in recollection.

Ruth said...

I like this poem. the sonnet form seems perfect for the emotion.