Saturday, July 7, 2012

I'm home again and ready to stop traveling for a while. Today one boy goes off to camp for a month; on Monday the other one goes back to his paint-scraping job. Tom is finally employed again, and I will be editing again, and we will slip into some kind of summertime routine that might even involve getting paid. But it is so extremely muggy here. Everything in the house smells musty and stale, the grass is too tall and the weeds are too thick, and I don't know how I will possibly catch up on any household chores when just walking across the kitchen makes me break into a sweat.

Among other things I must do this weekend is remind Tom that I need a new author photo for the next poetry collection. This won't make either of us happy: I hate posing for pictures, and he hates taking posed pictures. On the bright side, however, we also have to start thinking about a cover photo. It does make me happy to see his artwork on the covers of my books. And if you haven't looked at what he's doing with pixels, you should check them out. He's been printing these images onto watercolor paper so that the colors slightly bleed into one another. The result is very beautiful.


Maureen said...

Like very much what your husband is doing.

We thought we were lucky not getting much snow this past winter. Just being able to hold that thought helps today, when temps are climbing to 105-106. D.C. is not living down its reputation as a swamp. Hope you keep cool. (The good news is that our power and at long last telephone service have been restored.)

Dawn Potter said...

What a relief about your power and telephone. We are not as hot as you are but we are still too hot. Just came in from mowing, and I think I must have dropped 10 pounds just by sweating.

Ruth said...

Dawn: 1. As if you need to drop 10 lbs!!!
2. Can't wait for your new book and to see the new photo
3. The photo "watercolors" are so beautiful

Maureen: It is a small wonder and a small comfort that diplomats used to get "special pay" for serving in DC because of the summers

Hope everyone is okay

Gregory Harrison said...

Tom's "pixels" post reminded me of the Galileo spacecraft mission. The spacecraft's high gain antenna failed to unfurl properly, and so we were faced with the task of capturing these amazing images of Jupiter with significantly reduced ability to transmit data back to earth (using the low gain antenna). Some of the bright software folks on our team figured out some ways to compress the images so we could get them back to earth without significantly diminishing the scientific benefits.

Dawn Potter said...

That's so interesting about the spacecraft mission, Greg. I can't wait to tell Tom. How did the photos look when they were in low resolution?