Monday, June 25, 2012

Things are going well here in Franconia, but, no, I have not seen a bear yet. I am resigned to the possibility that I may never see a bear in Franconia, even though they seem to frequent the back porches of every other resident in town. Nor have I seen the groundhog this year, though I'm told he's been arguing with his wife underneath the house all spring. Apparently groundhog arguments are quite amusing to overhear, and I look forward to anthropomorphizing his complaints for you.

In other news, I took a nap and went outlet shopping. None of you will be surprised about the nap, but a few may be surprised about the shopping. Outlets are not my natural habitat.

Robert Frost would say hello if he knew I were writing to you. However, he's out in the barn having an arm wrestling contest with Walt Whitman.

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