Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sunshine! And weeding! And laundry!

And yesterday I watched Paul pitch beautifully, and today James will be coming home after three days spent at the Model U.N. ("Mom, guess what? I represent Swaziland! We're a monarchy! Our king has 20 wives! Our principal export is AIDS!")

I'm still reading Nabokov's stories, which of course are lovely and strange. I mailed a fan letter to Anne Carson. The poodle is en route to her Day of Beauty. I get to eat dinner tonight with one of my best friends in the world.

Look at all the exclamation points in this post. I need a copyeditor.


Carlene said...

You don't need a copy editor.
You need a resounding HUZZAH!
Enjoy the sweetness...isn't it fun to watch yer kiddo pitch? =)

Take care...

Dawn Potter said...

Actually I was dreading it, afraid he was going to fall apart, make a scene, etc., all of which were perfectly plausible given his high-strung history. Instead he kept his head. So, yes, I relaxed and had fun.