Thursday, May 31, 2012

Link Day

In April I visited North Yarmouth Academy, and here's an article the students wrote after interviewing me. As usual, I'm surprised to see what I blathered about.

Tomorrow is the first day of June, which means that Frost Place season is nearly upon us. Here's the summer's reading schedule. Remember that all readings are free and open to the public; so if you find yourself in the White Mountains this summer, swing by and listen. By the way, the teaching conference is almost full! Hurray! But that also means that you procrastinators had better hurry up and apply.

Here's an excellent job-hunting letter, composed by a callow young man named Robert Pirosh, who later wrote for the Marx Brothers. Perhaps I will try a version of it myself.

And finally here's a poem by my friend Gray Jacobik as well as an interview with her about how she wrote it. 

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Ruth said...

I am SO looking forward to "Poetry Camp"!! What a truly lovely and well deserved interview. I copied the job-hunting letter in order to share portions w/ my fifth graders. It fits so nicely with 2 ELA projects we did this year.