Sunday, April 1, 2012

Yes, that gimmick known as National Poetry Month has finally arrived; and while I'm always glad to be busy, I can't help but wax ironic about the accompanying sale-a-bration. I am an ex-livestock breeder, and to me the aura of National Poetry Month is far too similar to my once-annual jam of having to deal with National Dairy Goat Awareness Week. So I hope you will understand and pardon my jaded commentary. Poetry and goats don't make me cynical, but slogans do.

But let's get back to the schedule. As I've already mentioned, next Thursday evening I'll be reading at North Yarmouth Academy, a-hop-and-a-skip north of Portland; and I'd be so happy to see you there.

Then, on the 14th (though I don't know the hour yet), I'll be at the University of Maine at Augusta's Plunkett Poetry Festival, where I've been invited to read a sheaf of poems by the great Wislawa Szymborska. I'm very much looking forward to this: it will be such a pleasure to have her words in my mouth.

Next is the Massachusetts Poetry Festival, April 20-22 in Salem: on Saturday I'll be idling at the CavanKerry Press table with my dear friend Teresa Carson, and on Sunday she and I will be leading a workshop about dramatic monologues.

Finally, on April 26, I'll be in Lisbon, New Hampshire, for a day of middle school and high school workshops. If you're in the area and would like to sit in on a session, I'm sure we could work something out.

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Carol Willette Bachofner said...

Oh dear! Poetry month is NOT for poets anyway, but for making others aware that poetry has not died and dried and sighed off into the sunset.

I think any of the "month" things have a place. It is a time set aside to focus a little bit more on whatever the thing is, be that goats or poetry. So, we have 12 "months" of dedication and awareness to 12 different things... maybe we will be kinder people with such narrowed positive foci. I'm for anything that builds up (or even pretends to build up) a positive. So let's have National Smile Month, National Volunteer Month, National Hugs Month, National Chocolate Month, National Handshake Month, or National Bedtime Story Month and National Six more positive things... I just want to celebrate positives in this world of violence and racism and ugly slogans. Poetry Month... I'll celebrate and promote it.

And lets face it...poetry has been and continues to be pretty darned good for us! Grouse not my poet friend, grouse not but celebrate! LOL