Monday, April 23, 2012

The Massachusetts Poetry Festival was a whirlwind in more than one way . . .  yes, what is it about those poetry-book fairs held in witch-themed mini-malls stocked with velour cloaks and refrigerating wind machines? However, it was a bonding experience, and now the CavanKerry Press staff and the Tupelo Press staff will always have something to chatter about a cocktail party.

It was a delight to meet people such as Marie Gauthier whom I'd only known through email correspondence, and to sit next to hilarious Renee Ashley, and to meet new CavanKerry author Kevin Carey (say "CavanKerry" and "Kevin Carey" out loud, and you'll learn all about the burden this poor man is carrying), and I also got to shake hands with the great Michael Casey. But best of all was spending time with my dear Teresa Carson and learning that, in fact, we really are tag-team teaching partners. Maybe 25 people attended our Browning workshop, and, you know, I think they actually got excited about Browning. Imagine!

So if you find yourself in need of a Browning workshop (and so many of you will, I'm sure), Teresa and I are always available. Have "My Last Duchess," will travel.

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Carlene said...

hmmm you made me think of an idea (practical one) to pass along through the FPlace...if "willing poets" would post a quick list of the things/topics they would like to teach or present, and this were available to the teacher participants at the conference...that would be amazing. More teachers might engage the time/services of poets if they knew who to ask for specific things. Just a thought...and btw, glad you survived the MassPoetry deal!! See you later this week...