Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gradually I am going to reconfigure the appearance of this blog. Because experimenting with design is time-consuming, I won't make very quick progress; but if you hate the way something looks, do tell me and I'll try to eliminate the blight.

And now for some good news: I am so pleased and proud to tell you that this fall J will be attending Hampshire College, one of the coolest schools in America. And cool is a word I always use with caution, so you know I must really mean it. I couldn't be happier.


Mr. Hill said...

Wow, that's fantastic--I've always been so curious about that school. In my head I think of it as a kind of highly functioning version of the Black Mountain School, but I don't know if that is at all accurate. Probably not. But I know they are both cool, at least. So congratulations.

Maureen said...

Congratulations to James! Great news.

Ruth said...

though I do not know James, I am sure this is a wonderful match of student to school. A colleague and frined's daughter went there and loved it it! Congratulations! Plus, all of you know the area so well