Thursday, March 1, 2012

I was planning to link you to my Ovidian poem "Driving Lesson," scheduled to appear this morning on Best Poems. However, it's not there yet; so if you're interested, you'll have to check back later and see if conditions have changed. Otherwise, I have nothing much to report, except for snow, plenty of snow, and a couple of cranky children who had to go to school anyhow. Anyone who is everyone in the poetry world (or so the Facebook posts might lead one to believe) is presently at AWP, but I wrote about that last year and have nothing new to say. I expected to be driving to Massachusetts today, but the snow says no, so instead I have a day to fill with something else, most likely my regular schedule of editing and anthologizing and laundering, but who knows? I'm feeling reflective yet unformed, possibly gloomy, perhaps merely patient. Sometimes it's hard to sort these things out.

P.S. Here's "Driving Lesson" after all.


David X. Novak said...

I'm surprised there were no comments along the line of the many your last year's post seems to have elicited.

I just went to an AWP-affiliated event that was delightful. But it was external to the conference itself and FREE. Not part of academia, I had never heard of AWP before. It happens to be in town and would have been nice to attend, but for the cost.

Four readers came, and read. A few oldsters such as myself showed up, and one teacher from the campus where it was held made her entire class come. But they all left just as the Q&A period began. The books which the readers had so neatly unpacked all went unsold.

It is good to "come to terms with the parameters of [one's] writing life," as you suggested, even if "more or less." Your original post brought out several "barefoot nobodies" (to make a double allusion to Emily Dickinson), but even for the "somebodies" the coming to terms must be "more or less."

It was a very nice summing up (last year's post). Helps me to understand a little better what the online brouhaha is all about.

Dawn Potter said...

Well, it was a recycled post, so probably most people who cared to read it already had. Also, I've given up cross-posting on Facebook, which has reduced the number of professional-poet visitors I get. Probably this step has given me just one more way to vanish into the woodwork, but Facebook is starting to feel like cocktail-party chatter to me.