Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Yesterday I watched the Harmony boys' basketball team play possibly the worst game I've ever seen, with a score along the lines of 60 to 7. Meanwhile, I got to spend an hour in the stands wincing at my own personal 8th-grade Drama King's flounces and groans. Sometimes it's just better not to watch one's children play sports.

On the bright side, James went to school with a fake mustache in his pocket, which he plans to don "at the perfect moment." He also spent some poker-faced time this morning earnestly explaining to me that I would be a better mother if I cooked more bacon. In addition, we had a long conversation about what we would say if we were talking stuffed monkeys with pull strings. Clearly he's in a good mood about something.


Ruth said...

Surprises for Christmas?????

Maureen said...

60 to 7! Basketball is the one sport I enjoy a lot but with a score like that, oh, my.

The bacon comment was amusing. Makes me miss my only, who is grown up and on his own now.