Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hilly roads at midnight, overexcited teenager chattering in the backseat, a not-squashed skunk, fog and fog and fog: and now stale bread and old milk and a sticky slow rainstorm. Welcome back to Harmony.

We watched the student film screenings last night, with the best piece of the night being a teenager filmmaker's "how to ask a girl on a date" flick co-starring my own son as "Lloyd," a stupid, nerdy, self-confident blowhard who (1) thinks Samuel L. Jackson is a member of the Jackson 5, (2) wears a hideous polar bear shirt, (3) appears in a dream sequence in which the girl really does fall in love with him because he says something along the lines of "What's happenin', babe?," much to the chagrin of the more charming yet also nerdy main character. Yes, in the moment when, to the shrieking roar of the girl-filmmaker crowd, James appeared on the large screen in that hideous shirt, Tom and I stepped out onto a whole new level of "proud parents." I mean, who knew that our kid had a future in stupid bro' movies?


Julia Munroe Martin said...

Sounds like such a great night! I love those moments.

Jean Kanzinger said...

I taught a high school course where kids made their own short films. Screening day in class was one of my favorite days of the school year. Kids gained a new respect for one another when they saw what their peers had created. I still have a box of VHS tapes in the basement filled with duplicates of those movies. Your night sounds like it was perfect!