Saturday, June 4, 2011

Yesterday's post was cranky. Today's is less cranky.

Friday was Spring Fling at my son's high school and, among other amusements, the students got to watch a teacher-made video of the faculty and staff wearing silly hats and dancing among the tools of their trade, all to the tune of Taio Cruz's "Dynamite." (If you live with a 13-year-old, you know all about this song, and you take every opportunity to annoy him by saying that it features on Top of the Pops as if you hadn't grown up with American Top 40 your very own self.)

One of my son's friends posted the video on his Facebook page, which is how I happened to see it. There's no reason for me to attach a link here: if you can't identify these particular teachers and the school, it will mean nothing to you. What interested me more than the video itself were the comments that appeared under it. Clearly, the students were completely charmed by the sight of their chunky, balding, middle-aged teachers having so much fun. One girl said, "This is proof that our school is awesome." Other students agreed.

So, all you tired teachers, here's a little something to hold on to during your summer vacation and to keep as a magical tonic for next year's bad moments: your students love watching you love your job. You are the proof that your school is awesome.


Herself said...

We do this at our school, too. There's nothing like seeing a balding, nerdy AP math teacher dancing like he's doing tai chi.I think kids just like to see their teachers be real, have fun. Like they're real people.

Anonymous said...

Dawn, I know what you mean. I understand the crankiness as well...but then I get an odd token of appreciation from my kids, and everything is worth it again. In this year's yearbook, for example, I am pictured on the teacher superlative page in the back as "most entertaining." Well, at least it made them listen, right?

Carol Willette Bachofner said...

I think this might just be a "cranky" time. I've been a little cranksome lately too. But the very idea of school ending for the year is enough to revive the tired spirit. My daughter who teaches is absolutely giddy at having only one more week.

Teachers.... you ROCK! Thanks for all you do and for all you endure.

Ruth said...

AND if you can't be at least a bit weird with your class, just where can you be crazy??? Just watch my electromagnetic spectrum disco complete with "jazz fingers" accompanied by all the girls in my class and you'll know why 5th grade science is so much fun and why the 8th graders always tell me they remember all that information by chanting, dancing or miming it!!

Carol Apple said...

Nice words of encouragement for teachers. I'm not a teacher but I know lots of them and teachers need encouragement. I don't live with a 13-year old but I do live with a 14-year year old, so I will ask about that Taio Cruz song.

Dawn Potter said...

Carol 1: you are so right about "endure" and "rock." Sure, there are some bad teachers. But there are some great ones, and they change the world. Herself, Anne, and Ruth are three of them who are doing just that.

Carol 2: thanks so much for visiting. Your 14-year-old will update you, no doubt about it.