Thursday, June 2, 2011

Violent thunderstorms, hail, tornado warnings and watches into the night . . . why was I the only member of my family who was petrified? Everyone else idled by the windows and commented genially on the whipping forest and the strange antifreeze-green of the sky.

Now the sky is cloudy blue, the jays are squawking, and the vigorous peonies are still standing tall. So maybe those cool-headed boys were right, or maybe they were just lucky not to be living in Springfield, Massachusetts. Who knows? It is true that fear is not a reliable narrator.


Julia Munroe Martin said...

I was definitely terrified, and especially so because my teen daughter had to drive one hour home--knowing there was the watch. Yikes, terrifying weather!

Maureen said...

Apparently, a record was set here yesterday for 98-degree temp that really was about 105. Good ole swamp weather that churned up quite a storm in the afternoon. The dogs jumped when the lights sparked and went out for a minute. I'm ready for fall again.