Saturday, June 25, 2011

I leave today for the Frost Place and will be home again on Thursday. In the meantime, the boys will bake my bread and feed my chickens and water my tomatoes. They will not, I am almost certain, sweep my kitchen floor or dig any clean dishtowels out of the drawers. Possibly they will empty the trash. Possibly not.

Last year I found a box in the middle of Frost's living room that contained a DSL modem. This leads me to believe that the house may now have Internet access. Or perhaps I will stumble over that same box-with-modem in the middle of the living room again. Change is slow at the Frost Place. I'm sure that Frost himself would scowl at the idea of DSL. He would vote for bad-smelling oil lamps and a mouse infestation, which of course are far more suitable to the grumpy old faux-farmer lifestyle. Nonetheless, he might be able to adapt to the Internet: it's not entirely impossible to imagine him leaving a snotty, highhanded comment on someone else's poetry blog.

Today's weather is damp, dark, and moldy--usual Teaching Conference fare. The forecast hints that we may have summer later in the week, but I am not convinced. Packing for the Frost Place is difficult, and I always bring the wrong clothes.

Anyway, as usual, I will do my best to write to you this week . . . and I do hope I'll finally catch a glimpse of the Frost Place bear.


Julia Munroe Martin said...

Have a wonderful time! And please do plan to explain what/who the Frost Place bear is... intriguing! See you next week!

Ruth said...

I had ALL the wrong clothes 2 years ago, so this year, I am packing my car instead of a valise. I long for some warmer weather for poetry conferencing. The Frost Place bear must love poetry, but apparently does not care for singing; hence her/his reluctance to be seen. Will bring my copy of Singing To The Bear.

Maureen said...

Have a safe trip and a great time.