Saturday, June 11, 2011

I have to spend most of today hauling around a poodle and a boy in my car, but I want to say that, yes, Kathleen and other commenters on Thursday's post, I have something to say about repeating themes and, yes, I want to write about that here, either later today or tomorrow, so let me know if you have any related questions about the trajectory of an oeuvre (which is a pompous Gallicism and it always makes me think of oeuf, which is more suitable anyway, don't you think?).

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Kathleen said...

Oeuf. Yes, here are some questions off the top of my oeuf: How much of the trajectory is intentional as you move through a book or book to book or piece to piece? How does it surprise you if unintentional and why? Do you feel one way (intentional vs unintentional) is more enjoyable, productive, "real," etc. Does a pattern/recognition of a pattern change your work or your process? If so, how so? Control and intention are always a struggle for me. I so much prefer to free write and leave all my poems in rough drafts. There is something scary about making conscious choices when writing and revising. As though I raise the bar or I "owe" those choices something or I fear I might be married to one to the exclusion of other options...does that struggle enter into your current work/process as you look back on what you've produced?