Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cold, cold here, with a grim sky.

I'll be writing today, and waiting for snow.

First line of my unwritten draft: "Sometimes I fear I'm losing my ability to imagine."

Yesterday, as I was reading Tender Is the Night, F. Scott Fitzgerald told me, "Like most women, she liked to be told how to feel."

I wonder if he ever figured out how much that sentence hurts.


Ruth said...

Oh, good glory, that sentence sent me running for my copy of Tender is the Night!!! AND I just sent a letter to my Representative(well, not MY first choice, but who I have!!) to urge him not to undermine women's healthcare.

Maureen said...

We had a lovely two-inch coating of ice this morning but I managed to pick through enough to get out with the dogs to the lawn.

I wonder how many other women hiss every time they read that sentence. His male readers probably liked it.