Friday, September 17, 2010

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"CavanKerry Press is seeking gifts of short poetry and prose for the Waiting Room Reader: Stories to Keep You Company, Volume II, a collection of narrative/lyrical pieces designed to help reduce the stress experienced by those waiting for medical care. Focus should be positive and center on life's gifts or humor and needn't be related to health or the medical experience. Submit up to 5 pieces, none longer than 1-2 pages (double spaced for prose). Refer to the current edition (, click LaurelBooks, click WRR) for sample themes. Work should be unpublished or if already published, writers whose work is selected will be asked to secure permissions for its use. E-mail submissions only by October 15 to and include WRR in subject line."

The University of Massachusetts Press has just published Kevin D. Murphy's
biography of Jonathan Fisher, whose woodcuts illustrate my own Tracing Paradise. Fisher was a Congregationalist minister, artist, and jack-of-all-trades and a very interesting figure in Maine frontier history.

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