Sunday, September 19, 2010

1. In case you were wondering, Swiss chard makes an excellent spanakopita. I filled an enormous pan, and all of it has vanished.

2. Today I am going on a walk with my friend Angela. We are going to look at a wild blueberry field at the top of a Kingsbury ridge and spend some time wandering around an old cemetery up there. But at the moment I am sitting at my desk trying to solve the confusing problem of soccer carpooling.

3. On yesterday's post, Teresa left some fine remarks about Moby-Dick and Great Expectations. I'm particularly interested in her theater remarks. I am not theatrically well educated, so to me, at least, her perceptions are eye-opening.

4. My brief memoir piece, "Word Problem," has just appeared in the South Loop Review, volume 12 (which is available in the flesh even though the website doesn't yet feature it). I mention this here because it may be the oddest piece I've ever published: it's written as a faux-algebraic word problem and deals with the intertwined history of a handful of friends and lovers. If you happen to get your hands on it, I'd be glad to hear what you think because to me the piece feels like a very strange departure.


Ruth said...

Kale works so well with spanakopita too, but me thinks we need the Greek works for Swiss chard and for kale in order to create new designations for these creations.

Dawn Potter said...

The recipe I "followed" was from an early 60s edition of the "NY Times Cookbook," which called it "spinach and feta strudel." Apparently the real Greek name was too scary, so a German mixed metaphor seemed like a better option. In other words: regarding this dish, I'm not the first person with naming trouble.