Saturday, April 24, 2010

I have no idea what the state of the Internet will be in my North Haven cottage, so be prepared for a week of sporadic posts and/or silence. But already I can see that it's a good thing that the island's art fund is fronting the Mazda's ferry passage, though I have no intention of driving once I'm there. Rather, the car will be functioning more like a Bookmobile/Roadie Van since I seem to be packing every giant volume on the shelf, plus Paul's keyboard and my violin, plus a week's worth of groceries, plus baseball gloves, plus hiking boots and raincoats and sun hats and computers and the second season of Star Trek. Plus some other stuff I haven't thought of yet. Oy.

What would William Wordsworth say?

A pleasant loitering journey, through three days
Continued, brought me to my hermitage.
I spare to tell of what ensued, the life
In common things--the endless store of things,
Rare, or at least so seeming, every day
Found all about me in one neighbourhood.

Clearly, WW wasn't doing his own cooking, or entertaining a kid, or teaching a week's worth of K-12 poetry classes. I bet Elizabeth Gaskell and Virginia Woolf's mother could have shown him a thing or two.

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