Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Winter's Tale, Act 3, Scene 3

This is an extremely silly scene. Formerly sadistic clown gets duped. Pickpocket sings "tra la la" ditties. Can you figure out exactly what kind of dessert the clown is shopping for? It sounds vaguely like Emily Dickinson's Black Cake to me.

Anyway, my favorite phrase is "snapper up of un-considere'd trifles," which exactly describes the actions of my son James and his best friend Sam whenever they're at a yard sale. What's your favorite?

For next week: scene 4. ("Ugh. Romance," says Paul.)

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Lucy Barber said...

Dear fellow readers, think about what makes you not post. In my case it is not more defensible that a crazy rube who has taken over sensible staging of this play. But then think again about how us, the crazy people of the world, have exhilarated, infuriated, or inspired you? Walking away is an exhalation of breath? This week I cannot make you protest? But think about other times? or Not? If you wish not to think, than write about what you prefer (crosuses/daffodils, and a bird at the feeder seem preferable to me)?