Saturday, March 20, 2010

My friend Nick is getting married this weekend, so I'd like to write something encouraging about marriage to help him along. But even though I've been married for almost 20 years to a man I met when I was 19, I always find it difficult to pass along advice of any sort. After all, marriage is not like I expected it would be. Who knew how fluid the definition of dull was? Or how interesting dull was? Or what immaterial behaviors can drive a person to distraction? Or what heartbreaking actions can be borne? Or how how much you can love the unchanging shape of the back of a man's head?

Anyway, all I can think to do is to quote the lyrics to my favorite Big Star song:

I'm in love with a girl,
Finest girl in the world.
I didn't know
This could happen to me.


Scott said...

Someone once asked Stan Laurel "what is comedy?"

He replied, "How the hell would I know?"

I feel that way about marriage, at times. It works, don't look too closely, else the machine may stop.

Dawn Potter said...

Just heard from Nick that the minister has food poisoning and can't perform the service. The comedy begins already. . . .