Saturday, March 6, 2010

Beautifully sunny here, and I am going to plant leeks today and maybe move my onion seedlings into the greenhouse. It feels like spring, but it's far too early for spring in central Maine, so my planting fever is very confusing, in a way that is possibly akin to reverse jet lag.

Here's a link to the local newspaper article about last night's Poetry Out Loud state championships in Waterville. POL has been a long haul this year: judging all three of the Maine competitions was exhausting. But it also allowed the three of us who were permanent judges--Lee Sharkey, Leonore Hildebrandt, and myself--to get attached to this set of high school students. They were all such delightful human beings, so earnest and sweet and excited. It was a pleasure to listen to them.

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charlotte gordon said...

I just read your last week of comments, having been underground somewhere. I did not know any of this about Ruth. And I love that you write that you are honored to be Paul's mother. I am going to go find Washington County on a map.

I like picturing you with your leeks outside. It is a good life you lead.