Friday, January 29, 2010

I finished Roth's Letting Go last night; today I will finish Compton-Burnett's The Last and the First. And then, perhaps, I will be ready to tackle my essay about books that I reread even though they make me feel like the wrong sort of human being.

I suppose I will take a break at 9 and listen to my poem on The Writer's Almanac. I am nervous about hearing my small words in that Big Voice, so it's possible I might not bring myself to turn on the radio.

In truth, what I really ought to be doing is copyediting an art-criticism tome. So clearly this will be a fractured day, shot through with "ought to" and "what if."

At least I have meatballs and a 4-o-clock haircut to anticipate. Also, now I can read something that I will actually enjoy reading. I am thinking about Hardy's Far from the Madding Crowd.

P.S. Notice that I am not saying anything about Salinger. I might have read Catcher in the Rye once. Apparently I am one of the few literary people of my age who seems to have been entirely uninfluenced by that novel. I can barely remember it.

P.P.S. Winter's Tale readers, I love you. Read the January 25 comments, and you will see why I am so happy.


Ruth said...

It was lovely to hear your poem this morning. Congratulations!

Just remember, you can bleed to death from "ought to", "must" and "should have". Have a splendiferous day.

charlotte gordon said...

I too am haunted by oughts and shoulds. My shrink once said that I often sound as though i think I should be doing something else. And I do. It's an affliction.
Congratulations on the poems! I got the link to work. The poems sound GREAT!! I am so proud.

By the way, I feel the same way about salinger. yawn.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,
I just heard a poem of yours from Boyland read by Garrison Keillor on NPR. It took me back to those great few days in Frost's Barn at the Teaching and Poetry conference last summer. Your words were beautiful.
-Dawn Jones

Dawn Potter said...

Thanks so much, everyone. I really appreciate having such listeners and readers.

LewEllyn said...

Heading home from a long day and listening to NHPR, I heard your wonderful poem read on Writers' Almanac and I was thrilled, for you and for me. We connected for awhile a few years ago when I was Program Director for NH Writers' Project through our mutual friend, Angela Cayard. In fact, Angela gave me Boyland to read one time when I was visiting her. Congratulations on having your poem featured--what an accolade!I was really glad to have your name and your work brought to mind again, and to find you here. I hope we can stay in touch. LewEllyn

Dawn Potter said...

LewEllyn: yes, I remember you! I hope all is well, and thanks so much for listening and then tracking me down.