Sunday, November 1, 2009

Look! I actually managed to post a photograph! This is my son Paul in his elegant Halloween mobster get-up. The gun is concealed in the violin case, of course. My older son James, who is 15, declined to dress for the occasion but did devise a method of combining lit jack o'lanterns with leftover Fourth of July sparklers that made me very nervous.

Random quotation from Henry James's The Ambassadors, a book I'm actually reading for the FIRST TIME EVER, believe it or not:

"Oh he's all right for me!" Strether laughed. "Anyone's good enough for me."

Hmm. Take from that what you will.


charlotte gordon said...

I want you to stop feeding animals and hanging out laundry (do you do that?) and read and write about what you read for My benefit.
That is one handsome trick or treater.

Dawn Potter said...

It is undoubtedly nervewracking to be the mother of a physically charismatic 12-year-old who has absolutely no conception of being so.

Mr. Hill said...

Finally, pictures. I'm glad this blog has joined the 19th century, or whenever it is that photography was invented. I should know that.

Dawn Potter said...

I feel so modern.