Saturday, September 19, 2009

This passage made me think of my own teenage son.

from The Heat of the Day

Elizabeth Bowen

So far, his heart had never moved from its place, for it had felt no pull from a moving thing. His attention, as an entirety, was yet perhaps to be daunting, to be reckoned with: up to now it had never been wholly given. His motives were too direct to be called ulterior: he liked going out to tea with families who had a brook through their garden, hypothetical snakes in their uncut grass, collections of any kind in cabinets, a haunted room, a model railway, a funny uncle, a desk with a secret drawer.


Ruth said...

perfect description of so many young boys/men I know

Dawn Potter said...

There is something so apt about her description.

Ruth said...

I am so glad you put in this quote. I have been a fan of Elizabeth Bowen for ever so long.

Dawn Potter said...

You are one of the rare people who seems to know anything about her these days.