Monday, September 7, 2009

Harmony Fair, Day 4

This morning I feel barely literate, so I will be terse.

Young woman with long blond hair and high heels shows up after church with magnificent apple pie that wins raves from the judges of the Maine State Apple Pie Contest (Harmony edition).

No matter what I do, the Exhibit Hall has flies.

My son has carried around a chicken for 3 days.

Today: parade. We hope, as always, for Shriners in little cars. Fire engines for sure. Possibly incomprehensible floats.

Then I'm on hall duty for the rest of the day, as people gradually remove their exhibits and the fair retreats into a welcome shambles, with no celebrators left on the grounds except teenage girls singing karaoke to indifferent 5th-grade boys.


Scott said...

Betty Crocker's mom is very pleased her daughter won the ribbon, but amazed, as she admits she cannot bake a good pie. Betty's husband urged her to enter, but almost claimed the pie, as there wasn't emough apples for two pies.

I'm betting this story will come up at family reunions for the next fifty years.

Dawn Potter said...

This is very interesting background information. Next year's winner will get a gift certificate from Northstar Orchards, which may help stave off any future husband-versus-pie conflicts.