Monday, June 29, 2009

Sitting in Franconia's public library, en route to buying potato chips for Baron.

Frost Place update:

Bad side but not very bad:

1. Coffee pot that doesn't brew coffee

2. Rain

3. Toilet trouble

4. Rain

5. Very wet stray dog

Good side and all good:

1. Met a man who lives next door to Paul Westerberg, ex-frontman of the Replacements.

2. Listened to Baron read "Mulroney."

3. Drank beer on Robert Frost's porch.

4. Slept in Robert Frost's kid's bedroom.

5. Watched English teachers become rapturous about being English teachers.

5. Ate strawberries.

6. Looked at mountains.

7. Thought.


sheila said... get to stay in the house? The renovations must be great. Is the piano still there in the parlor?

Leave it to the library to have internet...

Dawn Potter said...

We stay in the house. I have Robert Frost's original soccer ball sitting next to my bureau. Only kidding. I think it's younger than that. Maybe it's Donald Hall's soccer ball.