Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day 1 of this ramshackle roadtrip:

Now that we have a new tire, we are leaving this morning for Amherst, Massachusetts, home of my in-laws. Picnic by the sea en route. Picnic menu: tuna and caper sandwiches, carrot sticks, oranges, cheddar, sesame crackers, Scotch shortbread, ice tea, blue-checked tablecloth. I seem to remember a scene in a Dickens novel (Martin Chuzzlewit?) about a picnic, with the highlight being an attempt to crush a "wops" with a teaspoon.

Tonight is likely to be dinner at Bub's Bar-B-Q, which does not need a description. I don't recall any Dickens's scenes about barbecue, although he does talk often about grilling chops on a gridiron.

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