Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What's happening in Harmony, you ask?

1. Eating dinner last night, my younger son suddenly screamed, "Horse!" The four of us leaped up from our roast beef and dumplings and ran to look out the back door. What we saw was not a horse but a moose, a young male with small fuzzy antlers that stuck out from the sides of his head like Steve Martin's arrow. Even a young moose is bigger than a horse, however, and all of them are bumbling. This one was pacing around in the middle of the lawn, maybe 40 feet from the house, looking as if he could easily topple buildings, crush cars, and pull down trees; but any mayhem would have been accidental, like some bigfoot teenage boy tripping over a loaded coffee table during a fancy party.

After a few minutes spent examining our parking arrangements, he trotted back into the woods, carefully avoiding my garden, which was a welcome surprise. The last time a moose appeared in our yard, he ripped the stairs off the deck.

2. Twenty-six chicks arrived in the mail on Monday, and so far four have died. Fingers crossed, I think that the rest will be okay. Currently they are residing in a crate in my basement, under a heatlamp sun, where they eat, drink, sleep, and jump on each other's heads.

3. I stopped at a local dairy farm to buy milk yesterday, and the farmer told me that he had just bought a pair of jeans at Wal-Mart, "and can you believe it, they were 50 cents less than the pair of jeans I bought in 1970." He remembers to the penny how much he paid for pants in 1970? Does he keep a notebook tracking pants prices over the decades? Has he merely bought so few pairs of pants that the prices stick out in his memory? Whatever the case, it seems mysterious and worthy of thought.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps those were the last pair of jeans he bought. Some men do develop emotional attachments to certain clothing. You know, like Browning's "My Last T-Shirt."

Dawn Potter said...

That was more or less my husband's suspicion, and he should know.